An RDBMS Backed Object Development Framework In Python








  • What is backend framework?
  • The backend framework is a software component framework which consists of a set of classes to handle tasks involved in database connectivity, database records to object-attribute mappings and storage(retrieval) of object-attributes to(from) backend RDBMS. Additionally it also possesses capabilities to ensure application-wide single instance of classes via special helper classes. Presently it supports only Python language.

  • Is this framework thread safe?
  • The core classes of backend framework is thread safe except class DBMap. DBMap's limitation on thread safety can be taken care of by not changing configuration values in child threads. This class should be initialized in main thread and then left as a read only object.

  • Can I convert my existing python applications to use this framework without changing existing code?
  • No. There are certain hooks provided in the main class BackEnd which must be used in your own class to use this framework. The changes are minimal if your requirements are simple. If attributes of your objects are not direct one-to-one maps of certain columns in the backend database, then possibly you need to change more code.

    Backend framework can satisfy all of your requirements with varying degree of ease. But it can never be plugged automatically into an existing class. Though the changes are straight forward if you understand the basics of its usage. Refer the printable document supplied with the distribution for learning how to use it.